bicycle workshop

All our servicing or repairs start with a free “M Check”. This comprises of a quick but thorough examination of your bicycle so that we can inform you of any defects that require attention outside of our various service schedules. In addition the “M Check” can be carried out at any time in our workshop to ensure you have peace of mind if you are concerned about any of your bicycles safety components and operating features.

We offer two types of service. A standard service, recommended every 6 to 12 months that’s suitable for bikes that are in general use and might make the occasional daily or weekend trip.

Alternatively we offer a full service recommended every 12 months or sooner (depending on mileage) for bicycles that are in constant use whether as a daily commute or your putting in serious training miles.

We can of course carry out any repairs that might occur outside of these service schedules and be rest assured no job is too big or small, so whether you need a puncture repaired or you’ve been unlucky enough to damage your frame please don’t hesitate to give us a call and discuss your requirements.

Standard service £58

Servicing begins here with a series of checks and adjustments, including  replacement of cables, brake pads etc where required

Full Service £96

Prefer to have your bike completely stripped and inspected with a nut and bolt rebuild, look no further than this service its like getting a new bike back 

Repairs & replacement

Need a puncture repaired, gear mech broken, are your hydraulic brakes feeling soft, take a look at our bespoke repairs list or just get in contact. We're here to help